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fog fx


Bronze Package

This package is best suited for those who want
a little more than just the DJ package. This light
show is modest but packs a colorful punch.

2 Lighting F/X
Ideal for 50 - 100 guests


Silver Package

Step it up with twice as much as the bronze package
along with your choice of fog or bubble machine.

4 Lighting F/X
T-bar Light Stand
Ideal for 100 - 250 guests


Gold Package

Adding a 10 ft trussing system, this package provides
the best dance floor coverage possible. This rig is

6 Lighting F/X
10 Ft Trussing System
Ideal for 250 500 guests


Platinum Package

With an upgrade to intelligent lighting and moving
heads, this provides the ultimate excitement and
atmosphere for your event.

4 Intelligent Moving Lights
2 Intelligent LED Lighting F/X
Disco Ball
14 Ft Trussing System

            Specialty Lighting                
lighting2           LED Uplights           $30 ea    
lighting2           Monogram GOBO & Light Projector           $300    
lighting2           LED Strip Bars           $50 ea    
lighting2           GOBO Lighting           $200 ea    
lighting2           Pinspot Lighting           $100 ea    
lighting2           Intelligent Lighting           $100    

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